It's My Money!

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The It’s My Money! Financial Education Game

It’s My Money! is a computer game designed to educate seniors about fraudulent activities that are targeted specifically at the elderly. The game contains two units, Senior Scams Prevention and Identity Theft Prevention. Scams are fake business schemes designed to take advantage of the good nature of people, particularly seniors. Identity theft occurs when a crook obtains key pieces of one’s personal information to illegally take on their identity for criminal purposes. Both units involve offers and opportunities the game’s main character, I.M. Money, receives while in the comfort and safety of his home. It’s My Money! takes players through a series of common illegal practices in a game format, offering practical tips for individuals to best protect themselves and their money.


Developed by and  

Flash programming by Jordon Schranz.

ANYF is grateful to all of the individuals and organizations that supported its efforts to create this important financial literacy game for seniors.

Special thanks to our major partners:

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