The Strategic Plan

Seven years after launching, the Coalition on Aging and Vision has transformed from a small demonstration program into an independent, strong and active partnership with a clear strategic vision.  It is now poised to become the central resource for the aging community, representing the full spectrum of vision services for both English and non-English speaking seniors.

With only 10% of New York City's seniors with vision problems availing themselves of rehabilitation services, there is great need for a central portal to provide inofmraiotn and referrals for the aging network, care professionals and the general public. The Coalition is now building on its initial impact by engaging, responding to, guiding and supporting the aging and health services networks as well as the general public to advance the vision care agenda for older adults with vision loss. The Coalition’s goals are to:

  1.  Become the primary channel for all vision rehabilitation activities, acting as an expert resource center and outreach base for the vision community and others serving seniors and individuals in need of information and referrals.
  2. Solidify a relationship with health professionals that serve clients who have or are at risk of developing eye threatening conditions, so that these professional understand the benefits of and refer their patients for vision rehabilitation services.
  3. Increase awareness and referrals among targeted populations of limited English proficient (LEP) seniors who have been diagnosed with an eye condition or represent an at-risk population.